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I am a New Zealand born artist who has resided in Tropical North Queensland, Australia, for 25 years.
Growing up, my family encouraged artistic involvement, where self-expression—and in particular, painting—was a valued form of communication.
My favourite medium has to be oil; I love the buttery smooth texture of the paint and its ability to be transformed—pushed and pulled—on linen, canvas or board. I am also known to spend hours in meditation with a pen, drawing.
A degree in Human Movement and Kinesiology supports my in-depth understanding of the body and its musculature when painting portraits or people.
Largely a self-taught painter, my work is highly unique and always totally one-off, though similar themes often emerge. Completely captivated and excited by the subconscious and surrealism in painting, I apply a technique of complete surrender to the subject matter. Whether it is commissioned portraits, landscapes, pen drawings or imagined surreal visions, I allow the work to reveal itself.
I love working with bright colours and deep contrasts of light and dark, though I often create a painting with just two colours. The French and Spanish Surrealists Rene Magritte, Yves Tanguy and Salvador Dali and the Belgian Surrealist Paul Delvaux are the great European influences for my art. In Australia, Albert Tucker and James Gleeson have an edge to their work that intrigues me. I am also fascinated by indigenous shamanic art.
I find joy in the creation of a bridge, one that is unique and emerges between the individual viewer and the art, a path to a deeper discovery into his, or her, own reality.

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